Jessica Pearce

Jessica Pearce is new to San Francisco, arriving fresh off the boat from teaching English in China for six months. Before moving to Nanjing, she earned her Masters in Applied Political Science at American University in Washington, D.C., where she interned at the Sunlight Foundation, the House Committee on Science and Technology and the Washington Independent. Jessica served as a journalist in the U.S. Navy for six and a half years, with tours in Keflavik, Iceland and Great Lakes, IL. Connect with her via Twitter, LinkedIn or email!

Building data. It’s a small thing, but what if the buildings where we live, work and play were able to show us how they work?

It’s 9:15 on Friday night, and there are about 100 people milling around the GAAFTA headquarters.

How is it possible, in the 21st century, that I can Skype with friends in China, keep up with my friends across the country via Facebook and exchange messages with the CEO of a startup I admire on Twitter, but yet when I try to communicate with my members of Congress, it seems like everything I do is swallowed up by the black abyss?

If there’s one lesson that’s inherent to CityCampSF, it’s that crowdsourcing will save the world.

2011 SF Mayoral Candidate Dennis Herrera on the role of meetups in civic engagement.

2011 SF Mayoral Candidate Joanna Rees on the role of meetups in civic engagement.

CityCampSF founder, NationBuilder Chief Organizer and Gov 2.0 Host Adriel Hampton on CityCampSF.

CityCamp founder Kevin Curry on how CityCamp San Francisco fits in and stands out.

City of San Francisco’s Department of Technology Jay Nath on why government should have an innovation officer.

Tropo’s Mark Headd discusses the impact of hackathons on the open government movement and how developers can get involved.

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