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The web numbers behind NASA’s Pluto flyby

Flying by unchartered planetary territory is a good way to drive traffic to your website.

NASA re-launches open innovation efforts

NASA Deputy CIO and CTO for Information Technology Deborah Diaz introduced a new open innovation team via a rebooted

NASA Goddard seeks CIO

NASA Goddard is looking for a chief information officer.

Open source headlines from the Open Government plans

The Obama Administration’s Open Government Directive ordered Federal agencies to produce open government plans by April 7th, and while some advocates are disappointed, we have before us a bewildering number of initiatives to improve transparency, collaboration, and participation across the Government. It will not surprise you to learn that I spent some time looking for places where open source is being used in these plans.

NASA Nebula sends government to the cloud

GovFreshTV talked with NASA Nebula CIO Chris C. Kemp about Nebula’s role in cloud computing.

OpenNASA takes one giant leap for transparency

OpenNASA, an employee-established public blog, is a “collaborative experiment in open, transparent and direct communication about your space program.” Team openNASA shares lessons learned, and what others can learn from them.

Spacebook lead Emma Antunes talks social media, collaboration

Emma Antunes, project leader for NASA’s internal social network, Spacebook, discusses innovation, collaboration, social media, user engagement, team work, knowledge management, and her expectations for Spacebook.

Gov 2.0 Hero: Beth Beck

As Space Operations Outreach Program Manager for NASA Headquarters, Beth Beck has one of the best jobs in the universe. Beth shares her affinity for iPhones and chaos via social media.

What was your path to Gov 2.0?

WIRED Magazine is my bell-weather for all things new. How does that apply to Gov 2.0? I find that we, the generic government, usually lag two years behind industry in our application of new products or processes. WIRED showcases all things trendy, giving me a jumpstart on ideas for cool new applications and products. I can try out new technology and software in prototype projects and once we’ve worked out the kinks in the system, others can follow.